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About Us

Welcome to the World of Tutti Bambini. We Make Parenthood…Simplified.

In our mission to better serve parents and simplify parenthood, we are continuously evolving and expanding our selections in order to bring families the products and services they need to save time, save money and raise healthy, happy families.

Tutti Bambini is the vision and creation of Lourdes Leon-Vega. Ms. Leon-Vega, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, grew up working alongside her parents and siblings establishing one of the most recognizable brands in the South Florida community. She feels she is the product of witnessing and partaking in hard work, devotion, excellence and loyalty.

Ten years after having her first daughter, Ms. Leon-Vega was expecting her second child. Much had evolved in her life between her two pregnancies – she had greater demands as a mother, a wife, and as an executive in her family business. Months into her pregnancy, Ms. Leon-Vega was confined to mandatory bed rest due to complications in her pregnancy. Her desire was to eliminate as much of the stress and time-consuming guesswork to prepare herself for the arrival of her baby. She presumed she would easily find a company that would provide her with the products and services she needed. To her amazement, this place did not exist.

The rest is history. This was not only the birth of her healthy baby girl – a preemie at that – but it was also the birth of Tutti Bambini.


Tutti Bambini Maternity

This is our core brand. Our Maternity & Newborn division provides the services, products, and education parents need to raise healthy families. We strive to live up to our motto for new and expectant parents everyday – “Everything Baby, Total Peace of Mind.”

In today’s fast-paced, time-sensitive world, we understand that parents want to find what they need and get it to their homes as quickly as possible – whether it is a product, service or information.

At Tutti Bambini Maternity Newborn division, we provide the best baby & maternity gear and products from the most trusted brands in the market, the most up-to-date information on product developments and recalls, educational classes on all areas of conception, delivery, child development and child safety as well as extensive concierge services.

We have partnered with our friends at Genius Jones for all your Gear & Products including but not limited to:
Cribs • Mattresses • Bedding • Strollers • Car Seats • Walkers • High Chairs • Carriers • Bathtubs • Breast Feeding • Pumps • Breast Feeding Products• Bottles• Feeding• Monitors• Hospital Gowns • Layette • Bath and Body

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